5 必须有补充对于反撞力开始您的新年的决议

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When gearing up for a new year, the promise of a “clean slate” tends to get our motivational gears in motion, revving up our engines to embark on annual resolutions that we enthusiastically put into play come January 1st.

Starting up a popular fad diet or promising yourself to hit the gym five days a week seems to be popular, but making these resolutions sustainable is where our good intentions often fall flat.By getting back to basics, ironing out the key factors that promote whole-body wellness, and gaining the support you need through strategic supplementation, you can turn modest goals into lifelong habits.

These five surprising supplements may just help you get where (and who) you want to be.

肉桂皮 to Balance Your Sugar Intake

New Chapter (新章)桂香

One of the biggest resolutions is to have a healthier weight, and, as it turns out, cinnamon is a superfood that can do more than just “spice up” your overnight oats.When the body no longer properly responds to insulin (the hormone responsible for pushing sugar into the cell where it can be converted into energy), levels of sugar in the blood increase, and weight (especially in your midsection) can precipitate.

The antioxidant polyphenols in cinnamon have been shown to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, therefore clearing out excessive sugar that accumulates in the blood, allowing your cells to utilize it for energy instead of storing it as fat [1].In addition, those same antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties in both the body and the brain, showing an incredible ability to mitigate the build-up of tau-proteins, whose accumulations can lead to impaired cognition [2].

益生菌 to Optimize Digestion

New Chapter (新章) Probiotics

With millions of us suffering some form of digestive imbalance, something as simple as having a regular bowel movement is something that no one should take for granted.Probiotics are the beneficial bugs that help support the microbial diversity of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi that reside in our gut, which can sometimes become imbalanced through poor dietary choices, bacterial overgrowth, and emotional highs and lows.Supplementing with a high-quality multi-strain probiotic will support the digestion and absorption of the nutrients you are consuming.

A formula like New Chapter (新章) Probiotic all-flora delivers clinically relevant strains of both bacteria & yeast, that promote digestive health and replenish healthy gut flora.It also contains superfood turmeric and prebiotic plant-materials that help to feed the beneficial bacteria so that they continue to grow and proliferate.Bonus points for the fact that probiotics also support the immune system [3].

Men’s/Women’s Multivitamins to Have a Healthier Diet

New Chapter (新章) Women's Multi

Maintaining a healthy, well-rounded diet is something we all try to do.But getting the right balance of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains can oft fall by the wayside, especially when it comes to the “convenience” of foods we don’t need in our diets.

When it comes to turning 40 and getting older, our digestive abilities tend to dwindle, making it a bit more difficult to extract all of the nutrients from the foods that we do consume.Even if you eat loads of leafy greens at lunch and dinner, taking a daily multivitamin can act like a “security-blanket”- covering all of the nutritional bases that you may otherwise miss if you have to skip a meal or opt for take-out [4].

Made with organic, whole-food nutrients that are fermented to enhance absorption, multivitamin formulas like the men’s 并且 women’s formulas from New Chapter (新章) supply an array of key nutrients that are needed to maintain optimal health.Providing standards such as vision and skin-enhancing Vitamin A, immune and bone-bolstering Vitamin D3, and a slew of metabolism-maintaining B vitamins, these formula rounds things out with complementary herbal extracts that will take your body far beyond your resolutions.

被发酵的姜黄 to Break a Sweat

New Chapter (新章) Fermented Turmeric

Going “harder” at the gym is something you’ll see at a lot of fitness centers come early January.But, even if you and your well-meaning gym-mates re-upped your annual membership, a major deterrent to hitting the treadmill or yoga mat consistently can be the pain and discomfort associated with muscle and joint inflammation.

Turmeric has grown quite popular in the health and wellness world, yet its use runs deep throughout ancient healing modalities for its ability to support an array of health benefits.Research has shown that the active compounds in turmeric (curcuminoids) help with brain & heart health, and support a healthy inflammation response in the body [5].Turmeric’s array of essential oils act as potent antioxidants, helping to fend off the ravaging effects of free radicals [6].

This fermented turmeric comes in a powder form which is readily absorbed in the body, and can be easily added to your AM smoothie, swirled into Greek-style yogurt, or mixed into your favorite salad dressing or soup to boost both the beauty of your dish and its health benefits.

Omega -7 to Have that “Glow”

New Chapter (新章) Omega-7

While there are plenty of hair serums, face creams, and body butters, these can sometimes help in the short-term when it comes to shine, moisture, and overall healthiness.

Propelled by a healthy diet, you can also optimize your intake of specific healthy fats to get that “glow” we all love.Although Omega-3 fatty acids often steal the spotlight, Omega-7s that are sourced from foods like sea buckthorn berries have multiple properties.From benefiting skin conditions that cause excessive dryness, scaly-patches, or redness/irritation, to helping balance inflammatory markers in the body which can lead to cardiovascular issues, fat deposition, and blood sugar imbalances, Omega 7’s should not be ignored [7].

This supplement is an incredible source of Omega-7 fatty acids that are supercritically extracted with pure CO2 from the sea buckthorn berry.

Will you be taking any new supplements in the New Year?

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