Healthy and cute Halloween snack ideas by Sine aka foodbites food styler


做最简单、更容易取悦的健康可爱的万圣节小吃,成为最有魅力的女鬼。Thanks to these boo-tiful inspiration photos from food stylist Sine (aka foodbites) we’ve got all sorts of spooktacular goodies to share.

Carrots & Hummus, Halloween Edition👻

cute halloween snacks made from carrots by @foodbites

For the Ghost Shape
You may use baby carrots which already have a rounded top for the ghost’s head. Use a crinkle cutter to achieve the wavy bottom part. Then slice and you’ll get a few ghosts from each carrot. If you choose to use larger carrots, round the top with a paring knife.

For the Mouths
Cut out the large mouth holes with a steel straw or use a skewer to poke smaller ones.


Choose a white candy or nut for the eye shape. Check our selection of mints because they are great options. Or, you may consider these NOW Foods macadamia nuts. Draw the pupils on with an edible marker or dots of dark chocolate.

Zombie Mummy Sausage Roll Family

cute halloween snacks pigs in blankets look like mummies

Mummy Wraps
For these monstrous treats, use mini sausages, hot dogs, or the meat alternative of your choosing. The wrap can be made from premade crescent rolls. Just be sure to cut strips so you can replicate the wrapped mummy look. Leave an open space for the eyes to peer through, hauntingly. 🎃

Eyes and Blood Effect
Splatter some healthy, low-sugar ketchup on the mummy’s outfit for a bloody look. And smear some on the hot dog to help the eyes stick on just long enough before the mummy gets eaten! You may try using red eyes on any of these treats with dark chocolate-covered peanuts by Unreal.

The Halloween Group Selfie 🦇

cute halloween snacks by sine at foodbites, adorable dracula bananas

For the Banana Body
Cut some bananas in half and freeze. Be sure to stick a pretzel through Frankie’s neck before it goes in the freezer! Yes, cute Halloween snacks can cause some thrills and chills in the kitchen.

For the Deets
Draw on the details with dark chocolate piped from a bag. For a few of the pieces, you’ll want to draw onto wax paper and freeze before applying, like the bat wing, ears, mouths, and stitches.

Some of the most popular dark chocolates at LuckyVitamin include:

Super Dark 90% Cacao by Alter Eco

100% Cacao Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate by Pascha (perfect to use with a sweetener alternative of your choice, because Halloween snacks don’t have to be full of sugar to be good!)

55% Cacao Baking Chips by Lily’s

The Frequent Flyer

cute halloween snacks that are also healthy by foodbites

Choose a long pretzel stick. We suggest trying these cauliflower sticks by the brand From the Ground Up. These pretzels by Quinn Snacks are short but will still work with a smaller amount of cheese. Cut rectangular blocks of the cheese of your choice, then make 3 cuts halfway up to the middle. Stick the pretzel broom handle in the cheese and use your fingers to slightly separate the cheesy broom bristles!

Pipe on some dark chocolate. Or, you may want to use chocolate sprinkles. This design is perfect to leave faceless as well and you can serve them standing upright.

Eat, drink, and be scary!

Thanks again to Sine, aka foodbites on Instagram. Follow her immediately for more incredible seasonal food-fun for all ages to enjoy.







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