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叶绿素水是一种健康的饮料,富含抗氧化剂,维生素和其他有益化合物,可通过多种方式帮助改善您的健康状况。And, it’s super easy to make! All you need is a high-quality Chlorophyll liquid supplement and water.

What is Chlorophyll & What are the Benefits?

Chlorophyll is a pigment that comes from plants. While existing in the plant, it is essential for cellular energy and overall plant health. When used as a supplement, Chlorophyll has been reported to help a variety of health concerns such as acne, body odor, clear skin, balanced digestion, and strong immunity.

How to Make Chlorophyll Water:

Buy Chlorophyll Liquid or Drops

Browse our selection of natural Chlorophyll products. You’ll find NOW Foods Mint Flavor Liquid Chlorophyll is a top-seller that enjoys an average 5-star review!

I’ve been using Chlorophyll for years. I prefer the “Now” brand because of the minty taste. -Vicki

Notice that you may also purchase Chlorophyll softgels that provide the same benefits, without the plant taste.

Add Liquid Chlorophyll to Purified Water

You will simply add 1 teaspoon of liquid Chlorophyll to 8 ounces of purified water per day. You may also add it to smoothies or other beverages to help mask the earthy/plant taste, especially if you opt for a non-flavored version.

Will you be trying Chlorophyll water? If you already use it, let us know some tips!


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