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Once you get a whiff of how easy it is to make your own DIY essential oil room spray, you’ll be mixing your own signature blends -without recipes!

I’ve been creating my own DIY essential oil room sprays for about 7 years, and let me tell you, a lot has been learned and some oils have definitely been wasted. But, it’s really enriched my life! For one thing, I’ve gathered quite an extensive collection of essential oils which makes it all the more fun to create new blends. And, regular compliments from visitors, friends, and family are fun to receive.

Another thing I love is being able to create custom gifts at a moment’s notice. Decorating the bottles with labels, gems, and ribbons adds a special touch that lingers in the receiver’s heart for as long as the aroma freshens the air!

Here are some tips for creating the perfect essential oil room spray for your home.

How to Make Essential Oil Room Sprays

First, you’ll need a 2-4 ounce capacity misting spray bottle, like this 2-ounce amber glass spray bottle by NOW.

Next up: water. Purchase distilled water, or add an antimicrobial essential oil as a preservative. (lemongrass, peppermint, orange & patchouli are great options)

Purchase at least one essential oil. But, come on, have some fun! Acquire a collection of your faves and formulate your own aromatherapeutic blends. Check our curated selection of naturally pure essential oils including our own quality brand, LuckyAromas, and more reputable brands such as NOW Solutions, Aura Cacia, Ancient Apothecary, and others.

Basics for Creating Essential Oil Room Sprays

Once you gather your oils, water, and mister you can start making your very own DIY essential oil room spray by filling the bottle almost full with the water and adding the scents you enjoy. Exact measurements and expensive oils are not necessary. But, there is a little more to consider…

Water Quality, Spoilage vs. Antimicrobial Oils

As mentioned above, the quality of water used in your essential oil room spray helps determine the longevity of your creation. If the water is contaminated, it will spoil and you will be able to smell the difference. You can easily avoid this by using distilled water. Or, you may have success (like I do) by using tap water – as long as you add disinfecting essential oils. I do this all the time so I can mix a new spray on the fly.

Just be sure to include LemongrassEucalyptus, Patchouli, or Peppermint in your recipe and you should be good to go. There are other options available and combining them helps increase effectiveness. My suggestion is to try a little, see how it works, and adjust as needed. It doesn’t seem to take a lot.

Heart, Top & Base Notes: Crash Course in Perfumery

When you’re ready to create a fragrance blend, start by opening all the aromas you want to consider and slowly give them each a sniff, preferably with eyes closed. Narrow down 3 fragrances that you believe will pair nicely together based on the following…

Heart Note: The strongest scent in your blend.

Top Note: This is one of the first scents to be noticed in the blend and one of the first to fade away. It is usually a light and playful fragrance, often floral or citrus.

Base Note: Also known as the bottom note, this is the aroma that anchors and outlasts all the others.

When you choose the aromas based on your preferences, intuition, and a little experimentation – you can’t go wrong!

How Many Drops of Oil?

There are charts galore online demonstrating exact ratios. But in my experience, winging it works. The number of drops you use will directly affect your blend’s strength. Now, be aware that some essential oils are very concentrated and therefore require only a small amount. This is just one good reason you’ll want to test your oils before mixing a whole bottle.

Make Small Batches to Test Fragrances

Find the right ratios. Get started by making some half-size batches. Count and keep track of how many drops you use per oil, adding more drops slowly until it pleases your senses. Then, simply double the recipe when you’re ready to make a whole bottle full. You may also make scent swatches on paper. This will help you understand each oil’s particular strength, character, and endurance.


Many pre-made room sprays contain additives that help bind the essential oils together. But, we’re not going to mess with any of that. It works great when you simply shake the bottle before use.


5 Custom Room Spray Recipes

Here are 5 essential oil sprays that I created for you and I hope you enjoy them. Please adjust the drops to your particular liking. The brand of oil can affect potency and fragrance. Notice in the recipes you’ll find a few repeating aromas. The idea is to offer you some variety with a few basics. All recipes are for 4-ounce bottles.

1. Unwind Yoga Blend – Essential Oil Room Spray Recipe

Spritz a little serenity around your yoga practice area, meditation spot, or anywhere you’d like to loosen up.

Lavender – 20 drops
Cedarwood – 10 drops
Orange – 15 drops


2 。Sunny Day – Essential Oil Room Spray Recipe

Liven things up and spritz a blast of refreshing energy throughout your space!

Lemon – 10 drops
Orange – 10 drops
Peppermint – 10 drops


3 。Peace, Love & Hippyness – EO Room Spray Recipe

The strong and earthy oil that everyone loves to hate – patchouli – gets tamed by balancing cedar and uplifting orange.

Patchouli – 6 drops
Cedarwood – 6 drops
Orange – 15 drops


4 。Calm Alertness – Essential Oil Room Spray Recipe

Get focused. Stimulating lemongrass plays the top note in this energy balancing mix, perfect for studying, projects, and long car rides.

* 注︰Lemongrass is STRONG.

Cedarwood – 6 drops
Lavender 10 drops
Lemongrass 2 drops


5 。Deep Slumber – Essential Oil Room Spray Recipe

Find yourself in the warm embrace of nostalgic cinnamon and clove while lavender carries you softly into dreamland.

Lavender 20 drops
Clove 2 drops
Cinnamon 10 drops

Do you have any DIY essential oil room spray recipes to share? 告诉我们在评论。


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