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Use a Reward System

So, you’re making strides and crushing those daily habits that cultivate victory. Now, you need to establish some sort of perk system that supports your routine. 为什么?Because rewards have a lasting impact on our health and happiness. In fact, positive rewards have been shown to exert a powerful effect on our memory and ability to retain information. (1)

It really doesn’t matter what type of reward system you come up with, as long as it works for you. Will you reward yourself every day, once weekly, or when you reach an important milestone?

Let’s daydream of a range of healthy rewards you can gift yourself. Think of everything from small, daily motivations to the big, end-objective prizes. It’s time to celebrate you and your hard work!

Celebrate Yourself Every Day

Be your own biggest fan. Those small accomplishments that only you see deserve a lot of respect. Just as you would acknowledge the minor triumphs of those you love, be sure to do the same for yourself.

Pat your own back or give yourself a hug. It can sound silly. It can even feel silly. But, through practice, you may learn to enjoy the fact that you’ve always got your own back.

Track daily wins on a calendar, in a journal, or wherever works best for you. Maybe you type them up then delete them. The important thing is to give yourself a moment to acknowledge and appreciate your efforts. At times, this may cross over into the realm of positive thinking. Because, let’s face it, not every day will feel like a win.

Commend yourself, preferably out loud. There is a lot of power in looking into the mirror and talking to yourself as you would a good friend in need of a pep talk. Let yourself know you’re proud of the hard work!

Self-care is one of the best forms of a daily reward system because it’s so varied and already part of your routine. Perhaps meditate, stretch, or practice yoga for a little longer. Or you could opt for a luxurious bath instead of a quick shower. Try a new face mask or indulge in a hobby like baking… self-care is all about you and what helps you feel your best.

Science shows that self-care reduces stress and produces a higher quality of life.(2)

Enjoy a Moderately Guilty Pleasure

We’re talking about healthy rewards, not overindulgence. So, get that entire chocolate cake out of your head! Instead, here are some ideas for treating yourself:

  • binge-watch a show you love
  • buy that thing you like but don’t really need
  • crazy-dance like nobody’s watching
  • allow yourself more time to enjoy something

Interestingly, science has shown that hedonic goal pursuit is a vital part of overall contentment.(3)

Level Up Your Gear 

Is your long-term objective activity related? Improving your gear is a great way to support your efforts and possibly improve your game. Invest in shoes, exercise equipment, clothing, or accessories like backpacks and water bottles that help you stay prepared.

Shopping Spree

This idea isn’t about spending unnecessary amounts of money. Rather, it’s about preparing yourself to continue working toward your goal. For example, here at LuckyVitamin, you can buy a whole box of low-carb protein bars. If you are losing weight and those are part of your daily habit of getting you there, then why not reward yourself with new flavors or a bountiful amount of your fave.

If your goal is keto-related, you might consider stocking up on keto diet essentials. Nootropics are brain-power-boosting supplements that can come in handy for focus. Or, you could get yourself started with an amazing collection of essential oils.

Healthcare Services

You might also consider scheduling some healthcare services. For example, find out your exact vitamin blood levels or finally get that allergy test you’ve wondered about, but never took the time to ask about. Maybe it’s a brace or treatment that will help alleviate a troublesome issue. Or, perhaps your physician can give you some expert direction for attaining your goal.

Schedule Time with an Expert

To treat yourself for a job well done, it might be time to take it to the next level by enlisting expert support. Maybe you deserve the extra motivation a personal trainer or life coach can provide. For example, you can reach out to our Wellness Consultants. They assist in choosing the right supplements for your needs, answer questions, and provide a wealth of knowledge.

Go On An Adventure

Planning, anticipating, and then going on an adventure can help generate a lot of goal-slaying inspiration. It can be as simple as treating yourself to a day trip or weekend jaunt. Or, get wild and plan something you’ve never done before. Schedule a race car driving car experience, skydive, bungee jump, or other bucket-list-worthy exploits. 


What is the goal you’ve recently accomplished? Or, are you still making strides? Be sure to take the time to thank and appreciate yourself.



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