如果您想改善自己,可以尝试以下12易于实施的微习惯。These small actions aren’t time-consuming and will add up, leading to effortless and long-lasting results.

Micro Habit 1 – Make your bed: end procrastination

This tip stems from Buddhist monasticism. Upon waking, go ahead and get up without delay, then make your bed immediately (even before going to the restroom). According to the monks, this engages us in a simple daily practice that helps us tackle issues as they arise, instead of procrastinating.

2 Drink more water: 助力能量

This is perhaps one of the best micro habits to develop because it’s easy and free. Gotta love that!

According to science, dehydration can lead to fatigue (1) but, rehydration can reverse that negative effect (2). Therefore, drinking adequate water makes good sense for maintaining even energy. Plus, drinking more water can literally get you up and moving (to the restroom) and be the catalyst for an energetic boost!

  • Use flavored electrolytes
  • Set a reminder alarm
  • Set a daily intake goal & reward yourself for achieving it

3 Declutter your space: 减轻压力

When your living quarters are in disarray, your mind can suffer as well, while a clean space has been shown to decrease stress (3). Yet, we all know there’s nothing “micro” about cleaning.

However, if you expend a little extra effort to tidy up a new zone each day or on whatever schedule works best for you – in no time, you’ll start to see a cumulative effect. And your mind will notice a difference too.

  • Get rid of some belongings
  • Make sure everything has a place
  • Put things back where they go

4 Move more: improve overall health

If you tend to have a sedentary lifestyle or work sitting down, you’ll want to start this micro habit immediately because habitual inactivity creates all sorts of health issues (4). It has been compared to smoking by experts for its negative health risks and impact.

  • Stand up every hour
  • 舒展
  • Do some squats
  • Impromptu dance
  • Get outside
  • Play with the kids or pets

5 Talk to yourself in the mirror: improve self-love

Take a moment for yourself and tell you how you really feel! Look into your eyes. Acknowledge yourself. Say loving things. This micro habit grows the more you do it. It’s also a great way to give yourself a pep talk or gear up for an important event.

  • Look into your own eyes
  • Say something kind

6 Turn off your devices: get inspired by life

It’s probably pretty fair to say that most of us are on our devices too much. Sometimes we forget there are non-digital games, places, and things going on around us that are just as entertaining.

  • Play a board game
  • Ask someone to teach you something
  • Exercise or play sports
  • Go someplace new
  • Volunteer your service to help others
  • Try a new hobby

7 Make & notice small moments: promote happiness

There is so much power in having an appreciation for small moments. Making sure to notice the simple things in life will improve your ability to practice gratitude.

We’re talking about noticing the spice in life, like how a steaming hot cup of tea warms your hands, how sunsets make you feel, or when your favorite person smiles. You know what to look for: those wonderful snippets in time that can easily slip by when we’re too involved in our work, phones, TVs, etc.

  • Light candles & create ambiance
  • Keep a bird feeder near your window
  • Tell someone you’re proud of them
  • Give an unexpected gift
  • Challenge someone to race or arm wrestle for fun
  • Engage in random acts of kindness

8 Write fears: reduce worry

When you feel worried, or as daily mental health maintenance, write your fears then delete or rip them up. Start your sentences with, “I have fear…” and let that notepad have it! This isn’t a journal entry meant to immortalize your thoughts. On the contrary, it is an emotional sorting process similar to taking out the trash. Try it a few times and you will probably feel a major difference.

9 Identify energy leaks: increase productivity

When you begin to feel overwhelmed, take inventory of what you’re giving your energy to. There are likely a few activities that can go, at least for a short period of time. Are you leaking energy to something less important at this time? Anything you can let go of will help you gain control and increase your productivity.

  • Simplify routines & cut out time-wasters
  • Get rid of clutter or excess belongings

10 Self-care micro habit: improve self-acceptance

Is there a part of your body you don’t like – maybe a scar or an area that you think is too big or too small? There probably is. In fact, about 79% of Americans report feeling dissatisfied with their physique(5).

Dispel the self-loathing with self-care. For example, if you don’t like the bags under your eyes, get some eye cream and start using it daily. If your hair is dry, make a solid attempt to find the right natural hair products for you. Look at, acknowledge, and apply self-care to this unloved area and you will begin to uncover self-acceptance.

  • Use beauty serums
  • Self-massage
  • Look at yourself in the mirror without judgment
  • Get regular exercise
  • Tell yourself that you are beautiful

11 Gratitude: promotes calm contentment

This is a micro habit you can practice throughout the day – every day. You don’t have to keep a gratitude journal or use any elaborate methods to practice gratitude. All you need to do is keep reminding yourself how lucky and grateful you are _____.

  • Express yourself to loved ones
  • Be grateful for the basics: food, shelter, clothing, air, water
  • Appreciate nature, wildlife, foliage, seasons
  • Be happy to be alive

12 Be more eco-friendly: nurture Earth & future generations

As the minimalists and zero-wasters demonstrate, there’s always a way to up your eco game.

  • Buy stainless straws & skip the plastic
  • Buy hot coffee at a store that allows mug refills
  • Invest in glass storage
  • Take items home to recycle when needed
  • Use compostable trash bags
  • Buy bulk nuts, herbs, etc. when possible to reduce packaging waste

Which micro habits will you try?

Let us know if you thought any of these were especially good tips, and please share some of your own ideas!








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