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需要一个真正的皮肤保护超级英雄的护肤品?Or are you just someone who scours the “What’s New” page on your favorite beauty sites, always wanting the latest and greatest in hot new skincare products?

Whether you’re a beauty junkie or the trendsetter out of your group of friends, by now you’ve probably heard about the popular new “blue” skincare product: blue tansy oil. This purple-hued flower oil has been making waves recently in the health and beauty industry for its skin-boosting and mind-calming benefits.

We promise it’s not just another trendthis antioxidant-packed oil will definitely have a spot on your bathroom counter after we share all the amazing benefits it has to offer!

What Is Blue Tansy Oil?

Blue tansy oil (not to be confused with plain tansy oil) is an oil derived from a North African flower (Tanacetum Annuum) that’s yellow in color. The flower of the blue tansy is oftentimes called “Moroccan Chamomile” because of the uncanny resemblance between the two flowers (look wise and benefit wise). Known for its bold, purplish-blue hue and sweetly fresh aromatic scent, this Moroccan essential oil is taking the skincare and beauty world by storm because of its calming and soothing benefits for the mind and body.

7 Benefits of Blue Tansy Oil

This vibrant, ocean blue oil has a plethora of benefits, ranging from relaxing the mind to soothing minor skin irritations. Let’s take a look at seven perks of incorporating this deep, brilliant blue superstar of an oil into your daily wellness routine!

Calming anti-inflammatory for unsightly under-eye bags. Stayed up all night binge watching your favorite Netflix series? Dab some blue tansy oil serum under your tired eyes for an instant cooling, calming and depuffing solution.   

Moisturizing properties. Dry, itchy skin got you down? Try adding blue tansy oil to your nighttime skincare routine! Acure’s Seriously Soothing nighttime facial oil will provide moisture to your face while you sleep and you’ll wake up with hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

Provides relief to common skin-care issues. If you suffer from itchy eczema flare ups, dry or flaky skin from dermatitis, or just experience the annoying red acne bumps from time to time, try adding this blue oil to your skincare routine to soothe your broken out skin!

Ease sore muscles and joint pain. If you experience sore muscles or joints from chronic pain or an extra tough workout, try rubbing the affected area with blue tansy oil to help calm any inflammation.

Reduce skin redness. Having a bout of angry, red facial skin? Facial redness can be caused by a slew of different reasons, like sunburn, acne or being overheated. The calming and cooling properties of blue tansy oil can help reduce the redness because of a compound called azulene, which heals, soothes and combats inflammation.

Therapeutic benefits for the mind. Yes, blue tansy oil can be used in aromatherapy! Because it’s made up of a natural component called chamazulene, it can relax the senses, calm the mind and help to reduce stress. Try diffusing a blue tansy essential oil or softly inhaling for a sense of peace.

Natural antihistamine. When used in aromatherapy, blue tansy essential oil can help to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms and ease minor respiratory issues like congestion.

How to Use Blue Tansy Oil

Wondering how to use blue tansy oil? Found mostly infused into serums, balms and moisturizers, it’s mainly associated with skin-care products. For a boost of hydration for dry, thirsty skin, a blue tansy oil serum can be pressed or rolled (using a jade roller) into the skin at nighttime. You’ll wake up with smooth, glowing skin! If using it in a balm, try removing your makeup with it or using as a gentle skin exfoliator. To reap the aromatherapy benefits of this blue-hued oil, try diffusing it in your diffuser for peace and tranquility after a long day.    

How to Choose a Blue Tansy Oil

When choosing a blue tansy oil, think about what you want from it. If you’re in need of something to soothe your red, irritated, acne-prone skin, look for blue tansy oil in a balm-like moisturizer or serum. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, grab a 100 percent pure blue tansy essential oil to diffuse or inhale (never ingest). Whether for skincare or emotional support, always make sure that Tanacetum Annuum is listed as an ingredient so you know you’re getting the real deal.


Does blue tansy oil deserve a spot in your beauty routine? Let us know in the comments!


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