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通过PiperWai领导人获取个人信息:Sarah Ribner和Lindsay Patton-Carson

Five years ago, when Sarah Ribner, founder of PiperWai Natural Deodorant, was on a mission to live a nontoxic, healthier lifestyle, she couldn’t find a mass-market deodorant brand she loved. So when a childhood friend made her one, Sarah was convinced the marketplace needed this product. Sarah suggested launching a brand to bring this effective natural deodorant to the masses. “Natural deodorant is something our team and I believe in as part of an overall holistic lifestyle,” she says. “And it is an important one, because it is something that you use every single day on your body, getting absorbed into your bloodstream 24/7.”In her opinion, it is one of the most important products to swap for a natural alternative.

This conviction led to a stint on Shark Tank, which resulted in a brand expansion from an artisan company with a tight-knit group of customers, to shipping hundreds of thousands of units worldwide. A family member had sent Sarah an application for women and minority entrepreneurs to apply for Shark Tank, and within three days, Shark Tank came calling. They had been looking for a product with passionate customers; the timing was just right!

Enter Lindsay Patton-Carson, the brand’s Vice President of Customer Engagement.

It’s her job to keep customers happy no matter how big the brand gets. “I want to make customer service fun and have a human aspect to it,” she says. Although her team gets a lot of business done, they do it with emojis, gifs, and positivity. “They make our customers laugh so much that we get feedback from them like, ‘This is the best customer service experience. You’re so funny. I needed that today.’” 

As part of our Women in Leadership series we dug deep with Sarah and Lindsay to give you a closer look at what it takes to bring a high-quality, natural personal care product to your door.

LV: If you could go back in time a few years, what would you tell yourself?

SR: I wish I had relied on the entrepreneurial community, set up as many meetings as possible and listened to advice of other entrepreneurs who’d been through it.

Now, I’m making sure that I have a strong entrepreneur network.

Some of the advice I’ve gotten from other entrepreneurs—who have turned into mentors—has been really instrumental in helping me navigate all of this. As an entrepreneur, there is no one telling me what to do. There is no boss or set of rules, so having that support system is necessary. I would probably tell myself to have started that sooner.

LPC:  This was my first experience [working] in a true startup. I would tell myself to be ready for some ups and downs, to get some grit, and to be ready for anything. I’d tell myself to seek out ways to make an impact with a small team, look for efficiencies, and prepare old me by saying, “You’re going to be in for a ride that is going to be amazing. It’s going to be a little tough, but it is all going to be worth it.”

LV: Are there any women leaders you look up to that you’d like to tell us about?

LPC: If you watch The Good Place there is an actress on the show named Jameela Jamil. She is big on fighting back against body shaming, that “ideal” look for a woman, and how magazines and Hollywood have really pushed forward the concept of the “perfect woman.” She is encouraging a healthy relationship with your body and yourself.

She has been such an amazing activist to watch do this, and her voice is getting more amplified. Her I Weigh campaign is about weighing yourself based on what you love about yourself, your accomplishments, what you’re proud of. It is based on the things that make you instead of the weight of your body.

LV: What is one wellness habit you’ve worked hard to incorporate into your busy life?

SR: I have been focusing on meditation. I started with group meditation classes and now I am relying on apps I can use on the go.  

One is called MindBliss and it has much more inspirational messages than the apps I have tried before. When in any given day you can go through the extreme emotions of fear and anxiety to elation to joy over a small success, I have learned that I can only expect the unexpected as an entrepreneur. Meditation has allowed me to step aside and see things from a different perspective or remove my emotions from difficult situations.

Now I’m meditating twice a day. It took me about a year to get to this place. But after all that time, now if I don’t meditate, I feel it. It has become second nature.

LPC: One of the best things I have done in the last year is seek out therapy, because I think it is good for everyone. It helps you realize things about yourself that you didn’t consider. And it helps you realize things about other people that you didn’t consider. I would say it has improved my mental health, having those regular visits.

It is hard to talk about it. It is still something that is a little taboo. But I would recommend it for anyone that is going through a tough time, or needs to figure stuff out. Mental health is so important. If you are not okay mentally, you can’t be the best person that you can be.

LV: Why did you partner with LuckyVitamin?

SR: Customer service is really important to LuckyVitamin, just like it is to PiperWai. We have been partners since 2015, since our Shark Tank days, and we have grown alongside each other.

LuckyVitamin has always stayed true to its values of promoting health and wellness and making it easily accessible to its customers. I have noticed in our partnerships that you always try to maintain that personal connection, whether it’s through your team doing Facebook events, or on-site activations. It seems you are always trying to connect with your customer at a deeper level. It is something we really appreciate.

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